AOC 15.6-inch LED TV launched for Rs 6990

A 15.6-inch AOC LED TV has been launched in the Indian market for anyone with budget constraints bothering their wallet hand. Marked at just Rs 6,990, the LE16A1333/61 carries a tag to match its size. Judging by the accompanying brochure, the manufacturer has it pegged for the sort of entertainment box people would want in their kid’s room, kitchen or largish bathroom.

AOC says that the full HD capable LE16A1333/61 consumes about 20W of power; that’s not only way lesser than a CRT set would eat, but also makes a typical ceiling fan look relatively more power hungry. The unit definitely appears bulkier than it actually is considering that the company specifies its weight at 1.2kg. And yes, it does let users watch content stored on a pen-drive, by directly plugging the gadget into the provided USB port.

The chassis is mostly black with red highlighting the right and left edges as well as bottom. The power on/off, volume controls and buttons for other key functions are positioned on the left border. The curving base on which it rests also houses a pair of inbuilt 5W speakers. Talking about speakers, the audio is supported by Dream Surround Sound and can be fine-tuned to Theater, Music, Speech or Personal modes, if the Standard one doesn’t cut it.

The TV allows for up to 95° horizontal and 65° vertical angles and flaunts a 16:9 aspect ratio. It can play 1366 x 768 resolution content and throw out visuals in Zoom1, Zoom2 or 4:3 format. The adjustable picture modes cover Vivid, Standard, Eco, Movie, Sport, Mild, Game and Personal. Also, parents need not be worried about kids tuning into the idiot box without their permission since there’s a Child Lock feature too. Another standard function we all find useful now and again is the sleep timer which can be set between 10 and 120 minutes.

The unit’s dimensions (without base) measure 390.4mm x 285.1mm x 85.2mm. Finally, the connectivity ports on the TV include those for headphones, PC, HDMI, yPbPr, AV, TV RF and USB. The last mentioned can play up to 28 video formats from a flash drive. Do all these specs make the 15.6-inch AOC TV a good buy or not? Any thoughts?