Are Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Better Off Together Or Apart?

Justin Bieber might be incredibly, stupidly, otherworldy famous, but the majority of the pictures he sends out on Instagram still come and go without causing any waves not directly involving his hardcore fans. The one you’re looking at above, however, is a little bit different. It has caused more than its share of waves over the past few days because it seems to indicate he may have gotten back together with Selena Gomez.

Neither the Biebs nor Gomez has clarified exactly what their current relationship might be, but until this photo dropped, the assumption was they weren’t even speaking. After all, she openly laughed about making him cry, and he pissed her off so badly during one of their final dates that she got up mid-meal and headed for the exit. Apparently, things have softened quite a bit during their time apart.

For a long time, Bieber and Gomez had an incredibly adorable relationship. They went on crazy dates and seemed madly in love. In each other, they seemed to find the one other person who could understand all the pressures, strains, temptations, successes and failures that come with being young , wealthy and famous. Unfortunately, the good times did not last. As they got older and their schedules got even busier, they started spending less time together, and if the tabloids are to be believed, they started fighting even more. After more than a few backslides, they had a pretty serious break-up in November of last year, and in the time since, many started assuming they were done for the long haul.

Given all the problems they’ve had and how incredibly young both of them still are, it’s easy to say they should date around and have some good times in the short-term. It’s easy to say they should stop making each other miserable and instead be free agents, but the truth is a whole lot more complicated. Not only did they get along swimmingly before, she really seems to provide a measure of stability he hasn’t had for the past few months. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the wheels in his personal life started coming off around the time they broke up.