Celebrity wardrobe malfunction moments

Here's what happens when you sport something too short or too daring, you risk showing off more than you planned to!
Thank gosh there isn't much to spill, but Emma Watson manages to pop out a fair bit

At the age of 48, Oscar winner Sandra Bullock threw caution to the wind and sported a daring Victoria Beckham outfit. Sadly the tacky bra showing had her going from daring to trashy. Anyone else feeling like they're stuck in an Eighties flashback?
Sharon Stone has never beat around the bush about not being a fan of the bra and by the looks of it, she practices what she preaches.

The Ugly Truth's Katherine Heigl keeps her cool at an awards ceremony when her dress strap gives way. Now that's how you handle it!
At a recent party in Cannes, the Basic Instinct star went braless and bare. But given her track record in showing off her assets, it's not too surprising, is it?