Shahrukh Khan's 'Kundi Kholo' expression shocks Tamilians

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan will be seen romancing Deepika Padukone, a Tamil Nadu girl in the movie Chennai Express. In the trailer, which was released recently, we saw the actress mouthing some Tamil dialogues. But the interesting or embarrassing part of the story is that Shahrukh made some expressions that made the Tamilians on the sets to wonder what he meant to say!

As we all know, a huge number of Tamil crew have worked in Chennai Express. In fact, the main crew are from South starting from director Rohit Shetty, a Mangalorean, to actors Deepika Padukone (Kannadiga), Sathyaraj (Tamilian) and Priyamani to writer Madi and even the cameramen Dadli and Guru.During the shooting of Chennai Express in Munnar, around 300 dancers from South took part in the filming. In order to communicate, Shahrukh Khan had two translators to communicate even after that he had to face the embarrassing situation. Well, on one occasion, the King Khan said 'Kundi kholo' which obviously left the Tamil crew in shock.