Alok Nath Jokes - SMS

Here are some of the best Alok Nath Jokes :
1. When Alok Nath farts it smells like aggarbatti XD
2. Alok Nath went for Sunburn and did surya namaskar.
3. When you type AlokNath on Google search, “I’m feeling Lucky” changes to “I’m feeling Sanskari”
4. Alok Nath’s CAT exam center is Hanuman Mandir.
5. People cut cakes on their b’day, Alok Nath cuts Mathura Ke Pede.
6. Alok Nath distributes prasad after each level while he plays temple run.
7. Alok Nath’s idea of getting ‘high’ is by climbing Vaishno Devi :D
8.  Salman Khan’s most sanskaari role was in ‘Baghban’. His name in the movie was ‘Alok’.
9. When Alok Nath was born there was already a tikka on his forehead…
10. While you have been reading this, Alok Nath has already done 10 kanyadaans… xD
11. When Alok Nath was born; Doctor Said,"Badhai ho, Babuji huay hain"
12. Alok Nath is so sanskari that he smokes agarbattis
13. The only two wars Alok Nath has seen in his life.- Haridwar and Pariwar
14. Alok Nath CV Reads as:-
Degree- MBA in Kanyadaan
Skills- Sanskaar
Experience- 10022848 Kanyadaans
Hobby- Giving Ashirwads!
15. "In school days, Alok Nath bunked a lecture to attend his daughter's wedding.
16. Alok Nath has never received salary , he always receives pension.
17. Alok Nath carried Hanuman Chalisa to school instead of Notebooks
18. Alok Nath eats Prasad as Starters
19. Alok Nath believes in'Aashirwad at First Sight'
20. Alok Nath reads"All Indians are my brothers and sisters"as"All Indians are my Samdhans and Samdhis".
21. Alok Nath went to Vaishno Devi for his Bachelor Party before marriage. With his
22. Honey Singh: Chhoti Dress me bomblagdi mainu. 
Alok Nath: Chhoti Dress me thand lag jayegi beti.
23. Alok Nath: Arohi
Arohi: Kya??
Alok Nath: Kuch nahi, bus apna kanyadaan mujhse hi karwana
24. Alok Nath is someone who is worried about Kanyadaan of d Girl who is yet to be born...
25. Alok Nath's WhatsApp shows :"Last seen doing Kanyadaan at"
26. Alok Nath removes his slippers before playing Temple Run n distributes'prasad'after crossing each level.
27. "When you type Alok Nath on Google search,"I'm feeling Lucky"changes to"I'm feeling Sanskari".
28. Alok Nath was d first person to call Parle as ParleG!!
29. Alok Nath wants Facebook to add'Aashirwad' button.
30. Alok Nath has Zero friends bcoz he always turns 'Dosti into Rishtedaari'