Did Shah Rukh Khan make anti-Modi comments on Twitter? Find out the truth

New Delhi:  Since the declaration of Lok Sabha polls results that warded a thumping victory to Narendra Modi-led BJP, certain posts on social media had been alleging that film actor Shah Rukh Khan had challenged to leave the country if Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister of the country.

The alleged tweet read-

"It is my challenge to entire world that if @narendramodi ji will become next PM then I shall not leave only Twitter but India also forever."

An investigation into the matter revealed that Srk never made any such comments. However, the comment was made by small time actor Kamal R Khan and was wrongly attributed to SRK by miscreants on social media.

The clarification came from various quarters of the social media, including SRK himself.

And can the twitter guys attach a Cistern to my Twitter Handle so that I can flush down the crap some ill brought up ppl write...whoosh!

Good time to tell all fools who r talking of a tweet that I didn't tweet, u suck as much as the grammar of that fake tweet & I'm being kind.

Kamal R Khan issued a series of Tweets clarifying that the tweet was made by him and not Aamir, SRK or Salman

Ppl pls note I only said that I will leave India if Modi Ji will become PM I have left India. SRK Salman or Aamir didn't say anything at all.