Babuji alert: Alok Nath's on Twitter now, mind your sanskars

The Alok Nath storm that landed on Twitter earlier this year has somehow managed to stay alive despite how fickle online conversation can be. In fact, nowadays the only context in which we hear his name is when it’s some ‘Sanskaari’ joke or the other. But if you have grown tired of them, there’s no respite in sight.
 Bollywood’s favourite Babuji is now on Twitter and tweeted for the first time earlier this morning. Nath has gained over 3000 followers since joining. Here’s his first tweet:

We must say that Nath has managed to remain unfazed and in the best of spirits about the tons of jokes around his screen avatars. The man does have a great sense of humour. If you have been living under a rock, Nath’s roles as an orthodox and traditional Indian father drew a lot of jokes all of a sudden late last year. It also inspired a Breaking Bad parody.