Not a boy thing anymore

Girls are scorching the screen with not just their oomph factor but also by riding super bikes

What’s common with the actors Katrina Kaif, Kiara Advani and Shraddha Kapoor? No, they aren’t seeing the same guy, nor have they all been signed for the same movie.
The commonality lies in the fact that all these three pretty actors rode a super bike on screen, and with ease.
It all started with Katrina Kaif riding the Royal Endfield 350cc to pursue Hrithik Rohsan in Zindadgi Milegi Na Dobara. This came at a time when Katrina was just being spoken about for her improved dance moves and acting skills. She wowed men and women alike when she hopped on the manly bike and confidently went riding to ‘confess her love’ in the movie.
In an interview earlier that year Katrina was quoted to have said that she started bike riding in Mumbai before she left for shooting in Spain for the same movie.. Katrina also added that riding the lighter bike in the beginning helped her to handle the heavy bike while actually shooting for the film.
Katrina had revealed that she often went for bike riding after the shoot was over and riding the bike on the roads of Barcelona was a nice experience because of less traffic and good roads. Katrina also added that when necessary she’d ride a bike and would stick to traffic rules and wear a helmet.
Girls on two-wheelers isn’t actually a new concept, real life women riders of cycles, scooters and bikes has set the trend on screen. Even though there have been many women super bike riders in real life, the concept reached the screen only in 2011 and this in turn went on to create a fad for the image of leading ladies onscreen.
Directors too didn’t have aped the trend blindly, choosing instead to use bikes sparingly and only when necessary.
Kiara Advani who made her debut with Fugly, where boxer Vijendra also made his debut, says, “my character nowhere matched my real life persona. I was a tomboy and in real life I am just the opposite. On our first shoot, for the song ‘Banjarey,’ we were out in Leh. And a part of the song also required that I ride the bike to establish the fact that I am one of the boys,” says Kiara.
Kiara says she loved it and size has nothing to do with super bikes; confidence and being safe counts.
Most recently Shraddha Kapoor wowed audience by zip, zap zooming on a bike. She probably rode the bike for much more screen time than any other female actors who did it earlier. The fact that Shraddha enjoyed every bit of the experience is evident from the selfies she got her co-star to click while he pillion rides with her in the driving seat.