Salman Khan to launch Kick trailer at single screen theatre

Salman Khan's character in his upcoming Eid release is called Devil and his producer-director insists he lives up to the name

Salman Khan's biggest kick in his upcoming Eid release Kick is that his character goes by the name of Devil. He is universally referred to as the Devil in the film, from Nawazuddin Siddiqui to Randeep Hooda and even 'angelic' Jacqueline Fernandez.

"He is the Devil incarnate. His character is grey and edgy, even the goatee he sports is a saltand- pepper. You've never seen him play a character like this before," asserts producerdirector Sajid Nadiadwala. Kick is a remake of the 2009 Telugu hit by the same name, but Ravi Teja's character in the original went by the name of Kalyan. How did Kalyan become Devil?

"Our film is more an adaptation than a remake, only six scenes are similar to the original," argues Sajid. "The character justifies the name." And how did Salman react to the idea of being called the Devil when Sajid narrated the script to him?

"Would you believe that he heard the complete narration only a couple of days ago? When I approached him, he told me he was on if I was directing the film. Before and during the shoot, I again offered to narrate the script several times but he waved me away each time saying, 'Yes, yes, I'll hear it soon.' I think because he went into the project blind, he has grown with the film. It's a truly devilish act and no, there was no knee-jerk reaction to the name," smiles the filmmaker.

Quiz him on whether they were inspired by the Heaven and Hell concept of Bigg Boss Season 7, the reality show that Salman hosts, and Sajid retorts, "Rajat Arora wrote the script four-and-a-half years ago and we shot the Devil scenes in August, four months before Bigg Boss rolled."

Was it wise to announce the release date before the film rolled? Buzz is, Kick may not be able to keep its Eid deadline? "The actual shooting started only mid-way in January. In the last five months we've worked 18 hours a day and we're almost at the finishing line.

There's just a song left. We will open on Eid," Sajid promises, adding, "My Judwaa was his first Eid release." So another blockbuster Eid for the star? "Salman is a blockbuster star and will guarantee us an opening. How good I am as a director I'll only know when I see the film with the audience." he smiles.