Sony India launches 2TB PSZ-HA2T high speed hard disk drive for Rs 16706

A little over two months after introducing the Sony PSZ-HA2T hard disk drive, the company has launched it in India with an asking price of Rs 16706 attached to it. The MIL-STD-810G-certified device is a hardy little package with its splash-proof exterior that also boasts of being dust-proof and shock-resistant to a certain degree.

The 2TB PSZ-HA2T joins previous launches by Sony such as the 500GB PSZ-HA50 and the 1TB PSZ-HA1T HDDs as well as the 256GB PSZ-SA25 SSD. The company mainly had professionals and field work in mind when it designed the drive, it seems. Oh, and extremely clumsy, accident-prone folks like us too, in case it’s dropped from a height of 2 meters or has had water or dust thrown in its direction.
The PSZ-HA2T is enveloped carefully in a protective shell and even a silicon casing, in order to keep it safe from the routine dangers of everyday use. The HDD embeds a USB 3.0 port and a couple of FireWire 800 interfaces. The former enables video transfers at the rate of 120MB/s, which makes for a pretty fast storage device, in our opinion.

Sony has put an LED indicator on the 2TB PSZ-HA2T to keep you updated about the status of data transfers. The drive is also bundled with pre-loaded formatting software to permit users to switch between exFAT, FAT32, HFS+ or NTFS formats without breaking a sweat.