Google Project Loon Update: Thousands Of Balloons Are Getting Ready!

Google's Project Loon, as you may already know, is an ambitious project to deliver the Internet around the world using tens of thousands of balloons floating in the sky. According to the latest video from Google (embedded below), Google's Mike Cassidy (in-charge of the project) says that Google's using its own manufacturing facility and automated systems to deliver a balloon in hours instead of days. He further says that the company is now ready to launch thousands of balloons in the Sky.

Google's conducting trials of the Project Loon project with leading service providers like Telstra in Australia, Telefonica in Latin America and Vodafone in New Zealand. Google's been working on this project for the last few years and is now confident of launching the project.

Google's experiments have revealed that the balloons can stay afloat in the sky, at an altitude way above the passenger gets fly, for up to 6 months. Google's developed software systems and hardware that can keep real-time track of the balloons and predict where the balloons can be retrieved from. In addition, the company claims to have developed a very reliable launch system for the balloons. Cassidy further said that with the new automated crane system, Google can now launch dozens of balloons every day.

Google's not talked about the commercials so far and how the end users will access the Internet. Google will deliver the Internet using the existing service providers. Cassidy said that the vision for the project is to make the Internet available to anyone with an Internet ready smartphone.