If Google has its way, the humble space bar would be put to rest soon!

Ever since the invention of computer and the keyboard, "Enter" and "space bar" keys have become an inseparable part of our lives. But now the time has come to bid adieu to one of these as Google is planning to remove space bar.

Yes, you are reading it right: the Internet search giant is planning to get rid of the space bar altogether. As per a Quartz report,the Google has patented a new design for a laptop in which spacebar has been replaced by an extended trackpad. To help one distinguish between the space bar and the regular trackpad in an extended trackpad, Google has put in a separating line on it.

So, as you would move your fingers up and below the line, a set of sensors beneath the trackpad would determine whether you want a space bar or a mouse. If you use a single tap while typing, the compute will insert a space and if you would tap while using the trackpad, then it would result in a click.

How ergonomic and user-friendly this new design would be? When it would become mainstream? These are some of the questions that only time can answer. However, what we are more interested in as of now is: which key would become invisible from our keyboards next? Can Google answer this for us?