Google names its new Android system Marshmallow

Google on Monday announced a new addition to its alphabet. No, not that one. The company has given its next version of Android its official moniker: Marshmallow.
The company gives its new versions of Android alphabetically advancing, sugar-inspired names such as Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop. As per usual, Google accompanied their official naming by revealing a sweet statue on the lawn at its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. Here's a snap of the latest statue from the Twitter account of Dave Burke, the vice president of Engineering for Android:

Google offered some details about the upcoming system at its June developers conference, saying that its main objective is to polish Android and give it a more coherent feel across devices, and while moving between apps and the Web. Google has also said that Android Marshmallow will have improved voice control software.
A version of the system is available now to developers. Google is expected to roll out the new system to consumers in the fall; the timing of Android updates vary by hardware manufacturer.
"Marshmallow" pops up on lists of frequently misspelled words (people think there's an "e" in there), so Google should get used to seeing its system's name get a little mangled.

Source: Washintongpost