Yahoo Livetext silent video messaging app now available worldwide

It’s been over a month since Yahoo Livetext was launched in select markets and the app can now be accessed by users worldwide including India. It offers a unique twist on the traditional messaging app setup by combining texting with sound-free video chats.

It sounds like a pointless feature to have at first glance, a gimmick for Yahoo Livetext to differentiate itself from other communication tools like Snapchat. The idea behind it is to enable old-school typing, which appears on top of the live video, while watching reactions from the other person in real time with no distracting audio in the background.

According to Yahoo’s pitch for the application, this would eliminate any confusion people could have in a text-only scenario where something might not be clear without face-to-face context. Plus there’s the appeal of getting an immediate response instead of waiting for a message to be read by the other person. Talking directly requires both individuals to be in a place where that’s possible.

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Yahoo thinks the app combines the best features of each mode of communication. Video will make conversations feel more authentic and words can ensure a fast and non-invasive way to communicate. It’s also useful in discreet situations where sound wouldn’t be needed such as in a classroom or an office.

Livetext is being marketed as a one-on-one app with no options for group chatting. Given the tool is based entirely on video streaming, it would probably require high data speeds. This might pose a challenge in India where the majority of consumers still use 2G. It will also have to face competition from more popular tools like Skype and WhatsApp.

Yahoo Livetext can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and iTunes.